Take careful note! You won't want to miss important details!  [Important info or changes in red.]

Adjudications Substitute Note: As usual, students participating in Adjudications will substitute one private lesson for this event. Instead of having your private lesson here at the studio, I will attend your adjudication (which is far more beneficial use of the lesson time for you). This allows me to observe your adjudication and how the adjudicator is working with you, as well as follow through on what has been taught and discussed. These substitute dates will take place the week of May 16-18. Exact details to come as we get closer to that time.

* Some have asked in the past if they could use their substitute whenever they want, or put it toward a lesson they missed in the past. Good question... I would have asked it myself. Unfortunately that option is not available. The administrative preparation for adjudications (and then attending all of them) requires far more hours from me than giving each student their regular lesson. Using the substitutes in one "lump sum" helps me recover a portion of the extra time I've put into the event. Thank you for understanding. Please see your "Rates & Policies" form for info regarding "lesson substitutions for events." If you have ANY questions, don't hesitate to ask! 

SUMMER SCHEDULE (June 6 - Aug 31)
We are looking forward to an exciting, refreshing and fun summer! As usual, our focus will be on duets/trios/quartets, improvisation, composition, and Music Olympics prep.

Please take careful note of the following details...
- Starting June 6, the practice requirement drops to 30 min/day for 3 days/wk for all scholarship students!
- "Vacation Weeks" (READ CAREFULLY!): As in the past, families may take off any TWO weeks during the summer without having to pay or reschedule! Simply deduct 25% per "vacation week" from your payment during the month that you take the "vacation week." (Again, maximum of two deductions per summer. You can cancel additional lessons, but there are no refunds/deductions. "Lesson Openings" emails will go out more frequently during the summer due to all the cancellations. All missed summer lessons must be made up before Labor Day or they will be "let go." As always, we start the new school year with a "clean slate." Tip: if you know you'll be missing a lesson near the end of August, you may want to save one of your "vacation weeks" for that time.)
- As much as possible, please notify me of your "vacation weeks" by the 25th of the month priorMinimum 48-hour notice required for "vacation weeks." (Summer "vacation weeks" cannot be used at any point during the school year.)
- Around the first week of August we will begin preparing for the Fall Music Olympics. This one-month head start on the "school year" will give all students a great boost!
- The lesson schedule we have during the summer does NOT change when the school year starts. If you know you need a different spot for the coming school year, now is the best time to get in line for it. Have a GREAT summer!!!

This is going to be one our best recitals ever, as every participating student will be writing their own pieceYES, this is your chance to be eXTrA CrEaTiVe! Students get to build a simple powerpoint presentation for this recital. Be creative and design something that best represents your piece. You can use pictures/backgrounds, and/or write words for your piece, or write a paragraph telling what your piece is about, etc. Max of 5 slides. (Please reduce picture file sizes to less than 1 MB! No HUMONGOUS photos!)
Note: If you are studying improvisation this summer and do not have a copy of the "Pattern Play, Vol 1 or 2," you will need to order it (approx. $20). This course is recommended for age 13 and up intermediate level students. Questions about the improv course? Not sure if this is for you? Just ask!
I will email the powerpoint template for you to use a couple weeks before the recital. You MUST use this template, otherwise your presentation will not fit the big screen at the church. If you do not have the PowerPoint program on your computer, or are not familiar with using it, no problem. We’ll quickly build one for you here in the studio during your lesson. Let me know at your next lesson if we need to build one here for you.
All presentations must be emailed to me by your lesson during the week of July 18-20Please know that this is not a “do the best you can” deadline. I REALLY NEED YOUR PPTs BY YOUR LESSON so I can combine all the PPT’s into one single show... and TIME IT with your piece here in the studio. If you are not able to submit your PPT in time, we will build a simple one without photos during your lesson. (I’d much rather be working on your music than your powerpoint though! :)  If you cancelled your lesson the week before the recital, please bring your presentation the week before... or we’ll quickly build one for you in your lesson at that time.
WHERE:  Discovery Baptist Church (TENTATIVE)
WHEN:  Monday, July 24
ATTIRE:  Fun/Nice Casual
BRING:  Finger-food desserts
INVITATIONS:  Click here for invitations to print and pass out in person!
Parents, please remind your children of proper recital etiquette so that our listeners can fully enjoy each piece. Good etiquette includes: absolutely no whispering (the pianist can often hear it and we wouldn't want to throw them off!), no walking in or out when someone is playing (always enter/exit between pieces), use the restroom before the recital, etc. Thank you also for utilizing the cry room or foyer if your young child is making any noise. We don't want to distract the performing student who has worked so hard to prepare their piece, and we don't want to distract others who are trying to listen and enjoy the recital. Thank you!