Take careful note! You won't want to miss important details!  [Important info or changes in red.]

SUMMER SCHEDULE (June 6 - Aug 31)
We are looking forward to an exciting, refreshing and fun summer! As usual, our focus will be on duets/trios/quartets, improvisation, composition, and Music Olympics prep.

Please take careful note of the following details...
- Starting June 6, the practice requirement drops to 30 min/day for 3 days/wk for all scholarship students!
- "Vacation Weeks" (READ CAREFULLY): As in the past, families may take off any TWO weeks during the summer without having to pay or reschedule! Simply deduct 25% per "vacation week" from your payment during the month that you take the "vacation week." (Again, maximum of two deductions per summer. You can cancel additional lessons, but there are no refunds/deductions. "Lesson Openings" emails will go out more frequently during the summer due to all the cancellations. All missed summer lessons must be made up before Labor Day or they will be "let go." As always, we start the new school year with a "clean slate." Tip: if you know you'll be missing a lesson near the end of August, you may want to save one of your "vacation weeks" for that time.)
- As much as possible, please notify me of your "vacation weeks" by the 25th of the month priorMinimum 48-hour notice required for "vacation weeks." (Summer "vacation weeks" cannot be used at any point during the school year.)
- Around the first week of August we will begin preparing for the Fall Music Olympics. This one-month head start on the "school year" will give all students a great boost!
- If you plan to discontinue lessons at the end of summer, please notify me no later than July 15 so I can begin adjusting the schedule for the school year.
- The lesson schedule we have during the summer does NOT change when the school year starts. If you know you need a different spot for the coming school year, now is the best time to get in line for it. Have a GREAT summer!!!

Piano Teacher Vacation week: Aug 1-3. No lessons that week. Enjoy the time off!

NEW SCHOOL YEAR (Starts Sept 5)
Our "school year" schedule officially starts the day after Labor Day!
- As a way to help "ease" everyone back into the schedule, the summer practice requirement will be extended one week. The regular practice requirement will start the second week in September for all students!
To help make sure you're ready for the new school year, please do the following by your first lesson in September:
- Bring your classical music resources, theory, etc, so we can dive back into them.
- Make sure you have a music binder in good condition with several practice forms.
- Go to the Student Zone documents page and print off your new report card. Punch holes in the RIGHT side of the form and place in your binder.
- Print and hole-punch several extra copies of the practice form and place them in your binder.
- Take note of all the new event info listed below.
- Note that the Music Olympics forms are available at the GHMTA site! Print off the forms for your level if you haven't already! (MO's registration deadline is Sept 15... coming up quickly. See below. Let me know if you have any questions!)

FALL RECITAL  (Tentative date: Fri, Nov 10)
This will be our first recital of the school year! More details coming asap...

WHEN: Tentatively... Fri, Nov 10, 7:00pm
ATTIRE: “Sunday Best"  (* See below)
INVITATION: Coming soon (download and print a recital invitation you can pass out to family and friends!)

Parents, please remind your children of proper recital etiquette so that our audience can fully enjoy each piece. Good etiquette includes no talking (the pianist can often hear it and we wouldn't want to throw them off!), no walking in or out when someone is playing (always enter/exit between pieces), use the restroom before the recital, etc. Thank you also for utilizing the cry room or foyer if your young child is noisy. We don't want to distract the students who've worked so hard to prepare their piece or distract others who are trying to enjoy the recital. If you must take a flash photo of your own child, snap it as soon as they start. (Please do not take pics of other students unless they have requested it.) Thank you!

* Performance Attire: Students, thank you for dressing respectfully and modestly for our recitals. This includes no t-shirts, jeans, mini-skirts, etc. Thank you!

This fun and inspiring event is required for all school-age students in our studio (see Studio Policies for details), and is designed to encourage piano students to develop well-rounded musicianship! Around 175 school-aged musicians from around the community will come together to be quizzed in the nine essential music skills (performance, theory, rhythm, ear training, scales, chords, arpeggios, sight reading, speed reading). Every student then receives a graded ribbon for each room, and the top scoring students in each category receive a trophy. One of the greatest benefits of the Music Olympics is that students (and teachers!) can see their strengths and weaknesses -- and then work accordingly for the rest of the year! The focus of this event is not so much on competition as it is personal achievement and encouragement. The goal is to send each student away with a greater love for making music than when they came!

- Go to the GHMTA (Gig Harbor Music Teachers Association) website for complete details!
Go to the "Student Zoneto see all the study tips I've written up for our studio!
All Olympic students in our studio are challenged to 1) learn/polish all of their level's scales, chords, arpeggios and inversions, and 2) to memorize all of their theory word definitions by their third regularly scheduled lesson
in September
. Any student who can accomplish this feat will be recognized on the home page of our web site
as an excellent achiever! You can do it!

NOTE: Due to the extensive amount of time it takes me to coordinate our studio's participation in this all-day event (and for me to serve as a "required-volunteer" at the event), all students participating in the Music Olympics will substitute one private lesson for this event. Basically, you still pay for this lesson, but instead of receiving the private lesson, you will receive my support and participation in the festival. The lesson substitute will take place Dec 12-14 for all students. Please see your "Rates & Policies" form for details regarding "lesson substitutions for events." If you have ANY questions, feel free to ask!

WHERE:  Harbor Covenant Church (directly across street from Discovery Baptist)
WHEN:  Sat, Nov 18 -- Intermediate thru Advanced in the morning / Novice thru Elementary in the afternoon. (See Parent Letter on GHMTA website for exact details.
COST: $14 per student (non-refundable)
PAY CHRIS DIRECTLY BY: First lesson in October
ATTIRE:  Nice Casual (collared shirts, nice blouses, no blue jeans/t-shirts, etc.)