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as 2014 marked our studio's 20th anniversary!

Aug 1-3 - Teacher Vacation (no lessons)
Sept 5 - New School Year Schedule Begins
Nov 10 (Tentative) - Fall Recital
Nov 18 - Music Olympics
Dec 18-Jan 1 - Christmas Break
Mar 17 - ACM Piano Competition

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 One of the groups in our June 2017 Piano Extravaganza!
Excellent Achievers Challenge (Music Olympics prep): Claire Mellott, Josiah Mellott, Cathy Zhang, James Le

A+ Honors List (straight A's on report card, quality practice, exemplary attitude, complete year of study): James Le, John Barrueto, Brooklynn Jones, Margaret Eddy, Maxwell Eddy, Josiah Mellott, Honor Tamminga, Grace Asa, Edwin Balduchi Nino, Maria Booy, Christopher Hastings

2017 Young Artist Competition: Junior Division: Josiah Mellott (2nd, $100); James Le (honorable mention)

2017 Gig Harbor State Recitalist Competition: Grace Asa (alternate winner); Josiah Mellott (honorable mention)
2017 ACM Competition: Ages 11-13: Josiah Mellott (1st);  ages 17-19: Maria Booy (honorable mention)

2017 Gig Harbor Honors Recitalist - Josiah Mellott; Grace Asa (alternate winner); Edwin Balduchi Nino (honorable mention)

2016 Music Olympics:  Lower Intermediate BEdwin Balduchi Nino (3rd); Int. A: Josiah Mellott (1st); Int. B: Honor Tamminga (3rd); Upper Int.: Hannah King (3rd)Lower Advanced: Christopher Hastings (2nd)Advanced: Grace Asa (1st), Maria Booy (3rd)

2016 Commencement Bay Regional Piano Solo Contest: Chris Jendrey (first alternate winner)