One of a piano teacher's greatest thrills is to see other musicians passing on the gift of music... by becoming piano teachers themselves! It is my privilege to offer an in-depth "teacher mentoring" program to these aspiring individuals, whether they're just getting started or have taught for years. This high-level course is for pianists who are serious about teaching piano as a part-time or full-time career. Having taught around 30,000 piano lessons, I will do my best to pass on "everything I know" (however much that may be) and to help each student develop their unique and wonderful personal style of teaching. We will accomplish this through an analytical and in-depth study on a variety of practical topics.
The mentoring course includes:
- Business practices/operations training
- Teaching philosophy development
- The importance of Studio Policies
- Website development
- Parent/student communication
- Holding effective auditions
- Avoiding conflict and misunderstanding
- Choosing curricula
- Planning and hosting events (recitals, etc)
- Development of an "essay portfolio" on most all of the
   topics listed above and more
- Collaboration with our other Student Teachers (if available)
- Evaluation via detailed survey of your student's parents (if you are already teaching)
- The opportunity to ask "unlimited teaching questions" at lessons  :)
- Personal piano skill development (*see below) 
- ... And much more!
Program requirements:
- Age 17 or above (minimum junior in high school)
- Study for a minimum of one full school year (9 months) at Rogers Piano Studio (* see below)
- Take weekly, 1-hour lessons
- Minimum "lower-advanced" performance ability
- Practice/study a minimum of 7 hours/week (*see below)
- Be willing to perform and compete (if appropriate)
- Demonstrate an eager, humble, and passionate willingness to be mentored
- Demonstrate a genuine love for other people
- Students are not required to be teaching, but are highly encouraged to be teaching at least a few students
- Students are not required to take our studio's Masters Program, but are highly encouraged to do so (** see below)
 Sudents are highly encouraged to join WSMTA and their local chapter as a "student teacher," "collegiate teacher" or full-member teacher
Upon completing the requirements (including 9 months of repertoire study), the teacher will receive:
- Access to many of my own studio document resources (assignment pages, report cards, record-keeping spreadsheets, student registration forms, etc) ... all of which can be customized to each teacher's own studio name!
- Templates of many of my communication forms and emails!
- A diploma signifying their completion of the RPS Teacher Mentoring Program!
* Teachers (and potential teachers) who are age 18 or older and are already graduated from high school are welcome to take the "compact version" of the Teacher Mentoring Program ... meaning they do not have to study piano repertoire with me -- we will instead focus 100% of our time on the teacher program, and we will complete it in 3-4 months... either during the summer (June-Aug) or during one of the school-year semesters (Sept-Dec, or Jan-Apr). The weekly "time requirement" for this short course is 3 hrs/wk to fulfill the research and writing assignments (exact same content given to the regular 9-month students who are also studying repertoire). Note: pianists/teachers who take this short course without any current or past "repertoire and performance instruction" from me will not receive a teacher diploma or be listed among the graduates below, as I have no input/evaluation on their performance ability, which is very closely tied to the quality of their teaching ability. Again, this "compact version" of the program is designed more for pianists who are already teaching and simply desire to enhance their business through the valuable course topics listed above.
** Note: I do not recommend taking this course simultaneously with our studio's Masters Program due to the significant time requirements of each program. We can discuss more if you'd like.
For more information, please contact Chris directly. 
I look forward to the possibility of "passing the baton" to you!

~ Our Studio's Teacher Mentor Program Graduates ~
Madison Asa, Rosalia Avila, Katie Hastings, Hannah Matsuda, Christian Winslow, Tarra Winslow, Caleb Armstrong, Margaret Eddy, John Barrueto, Maria Booy, Grace Asa.
(Active teachers have links to their individual studio websites! Not all graduates are
currently teaching. Contact each person directly for individual studio information.)