Let the creative juices begin!!!

One of your assignments this year will be to build a basic website to support your piano business/studio. The purpose of this exercise is not necessarily to build the exact "professional" site layout you will use as a teacher, so much as it is to come up with the exact content. You can then give your content version to a webmaster who can build a "professional" site in no time!

Once you know the name of your studio, you will most likely want to purchase a web domain (www.______.com) that fits you best (such as www.MyPianoStudio.com). This not a website... it’s just the .com address that people will go to when they want to visit your site. 
I personally use and recommend a company called 1&1 for purchasing your domain. Click here to go to 1&1 services. They usually have a promo price for the first year, then around $15/yr thereafter. This is a very cheap price from a good solid company. I've used them for years and been happy with them. If you have another company you want to use (or the person helping you with your website wants to use), feel free. Also, you don’t have to buy a domain—but you’ll probably want to at some point since this will be your primary means of communicating with your entire studio. It will also give you a more professional image. (Note: we are not in a rush to make this purchase. Bounce ideas around with me in your lesson when you think you're ready to take this step.)

You will also want to find a service that will “host” your website and give you the tools you want to build it. I recommend Google Sites for many reasons, including the fact that most of my techie-buddies recommended it, and the fact that it’s free. You are welcome to use other services, but I will not be able to offer any technical advice if you do so.

Banners/Headers: Do a search for "free website banners." This will give you a place to start. Some have adds, some do not. Choose one without adds. Check out BannerFans.
Custom Colors: Click here. Use the first or second color box to choose exact colors. Copy the "code" and use it where needed in your "Colors and Fonts" section.

Please bring them to your lesson and we’ll answer them as quickly as possible. While I offer basic recommendations/advice on setting up your studio website, this is not a primary function of the Student Teacher Mentoring Program. The role of this program is to guide you primarily in  content development, not technical development. I want to personally spend minimal time actually helping you “build” your website. I’ll offer as much support during your lessons as I can, but I encourage you to utilize your friends and own skills as much as possible so we can use your lesson time for music and teaching purposes.

Best wishes for a fabulous site!