Program Topics & Assignments

We will cover the following information in order. Please create a shareable folder in the cloud, in which you and Chris can review and edit the many Word documents you will create during this program. 

Your primary "Essays" document will be one, long running document. The latest essay you write should sit at the top. For all of the topics below, you will write a brief "summary essay" of why the topic at hand is important. Then you will do the actual assignment below that. Other separate documents will include items like your Policies & Rates, brochure, website, etc.

* ASSIGNMENT #1:  Create three, critical documents for your studio:
1) Philosophy of Teaching
2) Policies & Rates
3) Brochure (tri-fold)
These will be the primary three documents you share with potential clients. We will discuss the formation of the documents in your lessons. Your documents may be posted online for other student teachers to view and comment on.  :)
Please email me all three documents asap. Each of these documents should be as polished as you can get them.
* ASSIGNMENT #2:  Form a basic business plan.
- How much time do you want to spend teaching? (short-term and long-term)
- What do you want your hours of operation to be? (Short term/long term)
- What do you want/need your net income to be? (Short term/long term)
- Where do you want to teach (location)? (Short term/long term)
- What assets do you need to run your business? (piano, furniture, vehicle, etc)
- How soon do you want/need to achieve these goals?
* ASSIGNMENT #3:  Form a basic website for your studio.
Click here for the website details and resources page. Please email me the link to your basic website asap.
* ASSIGNMENT #4:  Create your initial communication email templates.
These will be your replies to potential clients. Create and email to Chris in one Word document your reply to the following three inquiries:
- "We would like information on your piano lessons."
- "We have seen your website and documentation, and would like to set up an audition."
- "Thank you for the audition. We would like to take lessons from you. What do we do next?"
These templates can written before I actually lecture on them in your private lessons. Once we finish "tweaking" your emails, they will be shared on the forum for others to view and get ideas.
- Once we critique your templates and discuss the importance of quality initial communication, please write a brief essay on the subject and email it to me. This essay (and your email revisions) is due one week after we go over your email templates.

As stated below, I encourage you to do some research on your own on the various topics! There is a wealth of information online that I would like to see each teacher tapping into. Learning to research for yourself will become one of your greatest tools to continued growth. (If you come across great resources, feel free to let me know so I can share them with others!)
* ASSIGNMENT #5:  Write essays on (and/or complete) the following: philosophy of teaching, initial communication templates, new student auditions, handling the first lesson, choosing curricula, online registration forms, coordinating events, "new and old" student surveys, handling student transfers & drop-outs, ethics and appropriate behavior, logic processes, email and file organization, the value of teacher associations and ongoing education, and possibly more.
- Please take the time to research these topics and then begin writing a brief/concise essay on each one. You may begin your research and writing before we actually discuss the topics in lessons. This will "get your gears going" and make the discussion much more profitable/understandable.
- Combine all of your essays in ONE document, in the order listed above, with a "page-break" between each topic.
* ASSIGNMENT #6 - FINAL ASSIGNMENT: Present your completed portfolio.
Upon completion of all homework assignments, your final task is to compile your complete portfolio. Do this by submitting ONE email that contains the following:
  > Studio Brochure
  > "Rates & Policies" Form
  > A link to your completed website
  > "Communication Templates" Document (one document containing all templates)
  > "Essays" Document (one document containing all essays)
Upon completion of the assignments and portfolio submission, students will receive a program diploma from Rogers Piano Studio.
If you are part of a group class, we'll have a casual party celebration (most likely here at my house). We'll swap war stories, share ideas, give the teachers a chance to tell the group what they REALLY think of Chris, etc. This will be for program teachers only (sorry, no family/friends... just us crazies). Date TBD at the end of the year.