Take careful note! You won't want to miss important details!

MUSIC ARTISTRY PROGRAM (formerly called "Adjudications") (Tue, Mar 13, 2018)

This educational experience provides students with an opportunity to play two classical pieces from memory for a piano professor or advanced teacher! Right after students perform, they receive a written page of recommendations from the adjudicator, and then the guest artist gives them a one-on-one lesson with the remaining time! Our guest artist is Hannah Cho. (See bio here.)

Click here to see details on our local GHMTA site.

Click here to see details on the state WSMTA site.

WHO: All students (Family or close friends welcome to come, but keep in mind this is not a "recital.")

WHERE: Discovery Baptist Church

WHEN: Tuesday, Mar 13, 2018. Schedule sent out by email. Arrive 15 minutes early.

ATTIRE: "Sunday Best"

BRING: Your music (measures must be numbered)

Adjudications Substitute Note: As usual, students participating in Adjudications will substitute one private lesson for this event. Instead of having your private lesson here at the studio, I will attend your adjudication (which is far more beneficial use of the lesson time for you). This allows me to observe your adjudication and how the adjudicator is working with you, as well as follow through on what has been taught and discussed. This substitute will take place the week of the event.

* Some have asked in the past if they could use their substitute whenever they want, or put it toward a lesson they missed in the past. Good question... I would have asked it myself. However, that option is not available. The administrative preparation for adjudications (and then attending all of them) requires far more hours from me than giving each student their regular lesson. Using the substitutes in one "lump sum" helps me recover a portion of the extra time I've put into the event. Thank you for understanding. Please see your "Rates & Policies" form for info regarding "lesson substitutions for events." If you have ANY questions, don't hesitate to ask!


Mark your calendars! Our studio’s recital is scheduled for Saturday, March 10, 6pm. (Note the unusual day/time for this recital!)

Friends and family welcome! We’ll have a dessert finger-food reception afterwards. Please bring a food contribution (enough to cover your family and a few guests) if you are able. Thank you!


The Alliance of Christian Musicians is hosting a piano competition in Tacoma for students age 8-19 (prizes up to $300). Click here for complete competition details.

Family and guests are welcome to attend this outstanding set of performances. This is actually a "competition recital," meaning that it is just as much a public performance as it is a competition.

Students: This competition welcomes you to play your repeats! Go ahead and include them unless you totally haven't learned them, or we decided in your lessons NOT to do them.

Students participating in this competition may take a break from their practice after this event until their next lesson! Enjoy the rest!

  • WHERE: Faith Presbyterian Church, Tacoma

  • WHEN: Sat, Mar 17 (see website for division times)


  • ATTIRE: “Sunday best”

  • BRING: Your music for the judges. (No photocopies. Make sure your name and teacher name is not on the music. Make sure your measures are numbered.)

  • Congrats to last year's winners: Ages 11-13: Josiah Mellott (1st); ages 17-19: Maria Booy (honorable mention)


If you are upper intermediate to advanced and participated in this year's Music Artistry Program (both pieces successfully played from memory), you may be eligible to participate in this competition. The winner of this event has the honor of representing the Gig Harbor Music Teachers Association in the State Honors Recital (June 20-23, Vancouver, WA).