Remember these 8 ingredients to good competition performance!

1. Well-prepared piece (of course!)

2. Well-prepared "performance mindset" (prayer, perspective, "others mindset," purpose, values, etc)

3. Good rest (get to bed early the TWO nights before the event)

4. Good nutrition (start eating healthy TWO days before the event)

5. Low stress (start two days early saving up your emotional energy for the event)

6. Get there early (allows the adrenaline to balance out)

7. Warm hands (cold hands just can't play well no matter how hard you try!)

8. Adrenaline (once it balances out... it's gives you a powerful mental/physical advantage!)

...and for all those who read this, there is no practice "requirement" the two days before the competition. You do what you know you need to do. Don't over-practice if you're well-prepared. And don't under-practice either. :)