Masters Program

I am very pleased to offer our Masters Program to students ages 17 and above. Students who meet the qualifications below and successfully follow the program requirements will then be given our studio's highest honor... the opportunity to give their own Masters Concert (equivalent of a "Senior Recital"). At the end of this concert, the student will receive an official Masters Diploma from our studio. Since it's inception in 2000, twelve students have achieved this honor!


  • Must have already achieved an upper-intermediate to advanced skill level.

  • Must have studied in this studio for a minimum of one year already.

  • Must have demonstrated consistent, excellent quality practice.

  • Must have demonstrated a willingness to learn as much as possible through a large quantity of performance events.

  • Must have demonstrated a strong desire to share the gift of music with others.

Program Requirements- During their masters year of study, students must be willing to practice 10 hours per week. The 10-hour practice requirement ends around the first of May. (Note: students receive a break from the requirement after each event during the year and during all holidays, and exceptions to the requirement are considered throughout the year to accommodate significant school tests, etc. It's very important to me, too, that students do well in their academics.)

  • Give a "Masters Concert" at the end of the year.

Masters Concert Details

  • Recitals are usually held in May or early June and last 60-75 minutes. Choose the month/date that works best for your family and my schedule. Must be completed by June 15. I recommend staying away from Fridays and Saturdays during graduation season (early June). Consider doing a mid-week concert for potentially higher attendance! Check our studio calendar, the GHMTA calendar, etc. for possible conflicting events.

  • Students/Families are responsible to host their own recital. This includes renting the facility of your choice and all other costs related to the recital.

  • Do your best to confirm your recital date and facility rental by January 1.

  • I will direct and help coordinate the actual recital.

  • There is no additional fee from me for my involvement in the preparation of this concert.

  • Flash photography not allowed.

Student/Family Responsibilities

May include, but are not limited to:

  • Rent facility and sound person (if sound/technical person is needed)

  • Design and pass out invitations

  • Design and print programs

  • Decorate and clean up the recital hall

  • Have a reception following the concert (optional)

A Typical Recital Program Would Look Something Like

  • Opening Solo

  • Welcome & Opening Prayer (Chris)

  • Classical Solo

  • Classical Solo

  • Student Speech

  • Piece written by the Student

  • Piano Duet or Concerto

  • Sacred or Popular Solo (a "favorite" of the student)

  • Address to the student (Chris)

  • Prayer of Blessing (Parents)

  • Diploma Presentation

  • Final Solo

If you have additional questions regarding your recital, please email them to me. (Students I will address your questions during your lessons.) We'll continue to develop your program all throughout the year. Parents are welcome to attend the beginning of a lesson now and then if they would like to be more directly involved in the discussion as well. Remember that you can keep this event as simple or extravagant as you like. Whether or not you want to do programs, a reception afterwards, a photo-collage type display, etc, is totally up to you. Be creative, have fun, and do what fits your schedule/tastes best!

* Program limited to four Masters Students per year. Contact me early and plan well in advance if you are interested in this program.

* If you are a home-school senior, you are welcome to consider combining this recital with your high school graduation (in which case, the student's parents would be welcome to give about a 5-minute speech as well. The rest of the recital would stay the same for the most part, since this is specifically a "senior recital." About half of the home school seniors take this route and it seems to work quite nicely).

~ Masters Program Graduates ~

Tim Adams (2000), Sarah Cole (2000), Ryan Boehme (2011), David Done (2011), Anna Hastings (2011), Christian Hayes (2011), Jonathan Gross (2012), Hannah Matsuda (2012), Christian Winslow (2012), Tarra Winslow (2013), Katie Hastings (2013), Rosalia Avila (2014), Margaret Eddy (2014), Caleb Armstrong (2015), John Barrueto (2015), Ana Belen Elliott (2016)