"Odds & Ends"

Thanks for taking a look at the details that pertain to the daily operations of our studio! Running a business out of one's home (while homeschooling) has it's unique characteristics. :) Please share the relevant points with your children to make sure we're all on the same page. Let me know if you have questions. Thanks!


- Birthdays: Students may take off one day during the week of their birthday!

- Minor Holidays: Students may take off one day during the week of any holiday like Presidents Day, Columbus Day, etc. (These will almost always be "federal holidays." When in doubt, just ask.)

- Any time students perform in a major recital/competition/adjudication/etc, they get the rest of the week off until their next lesson (unless stated otherwise due to another performance coming right up).


- For the privacy of the student before you, please do not come in more than one minute early. Your cell phone should give you the exact time.

- Please pick up students promptly after lessons, as I may need to leave immediately after your lesson for whatever reason. If you are running more than 10 minutes late to pick up your child, please text me.

- Thank you for not "hanging out" in the living room/kitchen area. With people coming and going all day, it's important that my family has a sense of privacy and home life. :)

- "Can we play in the yard?" Kids and parents are welcome to stretch their legs out front, but for liability reasons children are asked not to play on the playset out back, or climb on the rock walls, or play in the gray chicken coop out front. Please stay in the front yard and firmly instruct your children not to touch the water-well control panel in the middle of the front yard.


- Due to mail theft, I do not accept monthly "auto-pay" checks in the mail.

- If you are paying in person, please pass your payment to me at the beginning of your lesson - not at the end. Then I can log your payment into your records and we can discuss questions/discrepancies in private - versus doing it while then next student is walking in (and so we don’t take up the first minute or two of their lesson time).


- Thanks for helping keep our studio healthy! Wash hands before coming to lessons. The piano keys and door handles here are disinfected on a regular basis.

- Do NOT send students to lessons if they have more than light sniffles, etc. Reschedule the lesson, especially if you know the bug is contagious and making its way through your family. Parents/family members who are not in good health should wait in their vehicle if the outside temperature permits.

- Please avoid wearing cologne/perfume.

- Coming straight from soccer practice? Thanks for changing into fresh socks. (You'd be surprised, folks... It gets pretty stuffy in here during the soccer and baseball seasons. :)


- Do NOT flush anything besides waste and toilet paper (including "bio-degradable" feminine products). Septic inspectors have warned me more than once about plastic bags etc being flushed here. Parents, please make sure your children know what not to flush. We already had to prematurely replace the pump once (for other reasons) for $1,800. Plastic bags etc will burn up the pump if they reach it.

- Due to past issues, an older sibling or parent should accompany little ones to the restroom.

- Thanks for tidying up the restroom before your children leave so it looks nice for the next person (lights off, seat down, etc).


- Please drive EXTRA SLOWLY around the circular drive--even if you are late for your lesson. Students are walking outside, my kids and other children play in the front yard, etc. We must be careful. For everyone's safety, I will strictly enforce this and will not hesitate to come speak to a driver who is driving too fast.

- Drive clock-wise around the circle. Please do your best not to park directly in front of the garage driveway so my wife can pull out as needed.

- Please do your best not to drive on the grass, especially during the rainy season. Water collects heavily in the grass by the stones that outline the driveway, and you will leave deep ruts if you venture into it.


- Calling hours are weekdays and Saturday, 8:30am-7pm. Thank you for not calling outside these hours, even to leave a message (unless it's an "emergency"). Feel free to email or text any time.

- Email Responsibility: Nearly all communication is done via email and the website. Consequently, please check your email more than once a week. (Last-minute issues, usually within 48 hours, will be phone called as needed.) Non-urgent items will be posted on the website in advance. Email reminders go out as necessary reminding you to notice specific info on the site.


Have any suggestions (or even concerns) for how we can improve our studio? Feel free to share! Many great ideas from parents and students have helped to refine our studio over the years!

Thank you for your attention (and your children's attention) to these practical items. Together we can keep things safe and efficient for everyone!

Your very grateful teacher,